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Algímia de Almonacid

We finally had time and energy to go away for the weekend and get back to hiking. Oh, how I have missed the mountains.

It was a hectic and crazy summer

What a summer. In the end we didn't hike that much, because I went back to The Netherlands for a month. But now, we have a casita!

hiking the world

Hiking has become an important part of my life and deserves its own segment. Besides it being relaxing and good for your health, it really brings you closer to nature. I have learned so much about birds, trees, flowers and (edible) plants while hiking and it really sparked my interest. 

Join me on our hikes through the mountainous Spain.

Where am i?

Check out where I am at the moment. If you have some tips about the area, please advice me on must see’s & do’s! 

We are near Moncofa, a lovely little pueblo on the coast, north of Valencia.