about me

Sylvia ong

In 2017 my lifelong dream came true; I quit my job and became a full time traveler. I started my journey with the Trans-Mongolian Express, a 2.215 km long railway, that took me from Moskow through Siberia and Mongolia all the way to Beijing. I backpacked my way through South-East Asia for a year and in 2018, on a small island in the Gulf of Thailand, I met my (also Dutch) partner and became a scubadive professional.

In the summer of 2019, on our break from Asia, we bought an old camper and drove it to Spain, not completely withour failures and errors, but we made it to Jerica, Valencia. We left it there for the winter and flew back to our beloved Thailand to spend the winter months. The plan was to head back in spring of 2020 and drive around in Spain (maybe Italy) and find a place to have a home (at that point, I was already feeling the need to root somewhere). But alas, Covid-19 forced us to stay in Thailand for a bit longer and we returned to Holland in july 2020.

We stayed there for a month or 2 and just before the flying restrictions I flew to Valencia, where Marc already was at that point. 

And now, since september 2020, we are actually living in Spain, in our  camper. 


To be honest, I didn’t REALLY want to start a new blog, but I wanted a spot online where I could share and keep track of my hikes. But now, with all these changes coming, I feel excited to share those adventures with you as well. 

All pictures here are mine and shot with my phone. There might be a filter here or there, for enhancement, but with every image you see the world through my eyes.

English is not my native tongue so you might encounter some British English mixed with American English and also grammar and spelling mistakes. Please forgive me!