the dream

living off grid

I’ve been living out of a backpack now for 4 years. The camper is the closest thing to a ‘real’ home that I have had in that time and since a few months I feel in need of a static home again to settle in.

I do not see myself going back to hectic, expensive and crowded Holland, but I want to be a bit closer to family and friends, since I have not seen them a lot these past years. 

I am happy to say that Marc feels the same way (although a bit less, I imagine haha) and we are now actively looking to buy a piece of land in Spain. It’s cheap, it’s nice and warm and it’s within the EU, so little hassle. 

On this piece of land we would like to build a small wooden house for us and maybe one for guests, and have a big piece of land dedicated to permaculture, a way of  natural gardening, that hopefully will supply us with all the veggies we need.

Besides this, the dream is a small (4/5 tables) restaurant. Marc has been a chef (and is still mine, daily) and LOVES cooking. I love to cater people, so it’s a very good match. It’s quite a lot and we know we are only just beginning, but I can’t wait to get started.

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