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For the people who don’t know; I used to maintain a blog in Dutch,because in 2017 I started my world travel, which ended in an Asia travel only haha, but I am not dissapointed. A lot has happened since the final post (2018) on that page. So, if you’re a subscriber from back then, welcome back and happy to have you here. If you’re new; welcome to my little corner of the internet. I can’t promise this is going to be a thrilling blog, but my life tends to be quite chaotic in a funny way, so I am sure there are many many adventures ahead. Let me give you a small recap of the past 4 years, so we are off to a good start. 

At the end of september 2017 I took an airplane to Moskow to get on the train to Beijing and it was freaking amazing. I visited Siberia and Mongolia and met the lovliest people on the train, of which most didn’t speak a word of English. 

After that I wandered the streets of Beijing,  drove a stolen bike through Shanghai, went to Disneyland in Hong Kong, slept the first night in Vietnam on the couch of a stranger, went kayaking on the Mekong river, lost my heart to Otres in Cambodia and became a scubadiver in Thailand. There are a lot of stories there, and if you’re interested, the blogs are still online at waarisong.nl. Click the button below to have a look. They are in Dutch, just so you know. 

In august 2018 I flew back to Thailand (after a few months in NL), together with my best friend Manuel, to travel the world together. That never happened, unfortunately. Completely my fault ofcourse, because I got stuck on Koh Tao, a small island in the Gulf of Thailand. I met my partner Marc (also Dutch) there and became a dive professional. Marc and I have been joined at the hip since the start of our relationship late 2018. And the fact that none of us killed the other, is quite astonishing. So we figured we are right for eachother and were confident to take the next step. 

So in 2019 we headed back again to The Netherlands and decided to buy a camper. It has been Marc’s life long dream to own one and to be honest, I get the whole ‘traveling with your home’concept. In hindsight we were lucky to have bought one at the right time, right before Covid.

But this was summer 2019, and we bought The Magnificent Beast for the small amount of 4.000 euros and set off for Spain via Bordeaux (where Sally, Marc’s bff, then lived). Oh and all the misery we already had then… hahaha it’s too long ago to write a blog about it, but one of the issues was our gear getting stuck in reverse the second we arrived at Sally’s. We were so lucky it happened there, but it was a 700 euro fix and it took 2 weeks. 

When a friend of the family had fixed and revised the gearbox, we were happy to be on our way again, only to get stuck in loose sand, not even a few hours later. Sigh. 

We drove the Beast to Spain after that, without too many troubles and flew back to Thailand in October. We were staying in our beloved Prachuap Khiri Khan when travel restrictions were forced upon us and everything was going into lockdown. We had to abandon our plan to fly to Spain in early spring 2020 , and in the end we stayed in Thailand untill late july. 

Fast forward to now-ish. We’ve been back in our camper since October 2020 and have been travelling around ‘Comunidad Valenciana’ ever since. The rules here prevented us from travelling to other provinces, so I now know this area like the back of my hand. It’s the same with this house on wheels: everyday you have some work and everyday you get to know her a bit better. I won’t claim that we are mechanics now, but we know our way around the engine and the electrical scheme. All through trial & error and hilarious situations. Stay tuned for more of those haha!

14 thoughts on “Welcome (back)!”

  1. Lovely to hear what you’ve been up to Sylvia! Makes me realise that November 2017 on Cat Ba Island was a looong time ago now! Look forward to reading about your adventures from our less adventurous life in London with a new (ish) baby. Grace, Olly – and Seb xxx

    1. Aaah Grace, my love, I saw! The baby looks so cute!! It HAS been a while, but time flies by sooooo fast and I am guessing with a newborn in the house it goes even quicker, without sleeping ;). Hope all is well and give al my love to Olly. I miss those nights playing cards at Woodstock!

  2. Do you have a name or nickname for your camper? When we had our hymer camper ‘he’ was called fritz. We sold our house and the two of us headed off into the sunset with fritz. Such affection for our camper, he became part of us in our adventure. I didn’t cry leaving England and our family but when we sold ‘fritz’ I shed a tear 😢

    1. We don’t really, she is called The Magnificent Beast to us hehe, but we haven’t really got a nickname. Why didn’t you import Fritz? I can imagine… we would love to have a Hymer next!

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